Bosses & Covering

As you (may) know, I am currently training as a Maths Teacher in Manchester, and as part of my training year, I have to spend at one term of the three terms of an academic year in a contrast school so that I can get a different experience of teaching and so hopefully be a more rounded/experienced/versatile teacher. At least, that’s the way I see it. My ‘contrast school’ placement has been this summer term and that got me thinking about my bosses at my main placement school! I’m not sure if they’ll like being called ‘bosses’ but that’s a much shorter phrase than their official titles.

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While thinking about my main bosses and then looking back over my career till that time, I can only conclude Continue reading



It seems some of my posts of late have been on my experiences as a trainee teacher, in what I would term, a school on the road to the narrow path, if there’s one of such for schools! Hopefully, you get the metaphor or simile or pun . . . I know not which 🙂


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So one of the things that has stood out for me in my just-over-8 months of teacher training is the speed with which Continue reading


This is a light-reading, short post. Enjoy anyway!

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Different things may come to your mind when you see or hear the word ‘Numbers’. There’s a TV series called Numb3rs, a book in the Bible called Numbers, a sub-section under Mathematics in Resources on called Number, an app called Numbers, even a record label. I probably could go on to give more examples but I suppose you get the point, or at least beginning to see that everywhere you go, there are Numbers. Heck, it’s/they’re one of the first things you have to learn growing up.

So, anyway, here I am currently reading the book of Numbers (as at the time of drafting Continue reading

Double ‘C’ 7, part 3

You may not fully understand the gist of this post if you have not read its part 1 and part 2. Do yourself a favour – complete your ‘joy’ by reading it here and here. Come back once you’re done!

Now, that you’ve read parts 1 and 2, welcome on board to the end game of this drama based on true life events. The characters in this story have been kept the same to maintain authenticity . . . lol . . . Anyway, back to the story. So my brother got to the bus station and you would not believe what happened! We never expected it! We did not even consider that possibility! Did not take it into our calculations!

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Double ‘C’ 7, part 2

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If you’ve not read the first part of this post, please do so here, and then come back.

Welcome back! So I was chewing gum at the end of part 1. When I got to this part in the story when telling it to the rest of my immediate family including my mum, no one quite guessed it right! So you’re a great mind if you find out further down this lane that you thought right! Ha! By now, you may have been able to guess what I did with the chewed gum.

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After chewing the sweetness out of the gum, I brought out the second ticket from my bag or pocket (I can’t remember which). I made sure I was sat on the ‘window’ seat of the coach station chairs (as circled in the picture below). The seats in this station were perpendicular/at 90° to the boarding doors to the buses, much like in an aircraft. I then Continue reading

Double ‘C’ 7, part 1


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You may be wondering, ‘What kind of article title is this, biko?’ (Okay, you may not add the ‘biko’ part, depending on your origin, but you may have used ‘please’ instead. Well, they mean one and the same thing! Now, you can proudly say you know one word in my mother tongue! Way to go!) Well, I recently remembered what happened between my brother and me sometime in December when he was coming to see me, and to be honest, I was quite surprised I hadn’t written about it. So here we go . . . But before we go, double ‘C’ is rather on point because two C’s make an O when facing each other . . . (the randomness of my mind sometimes, makes me laugh at myself!) Anyway, now we can shaa go . . .

It all happened on a cold winter day in December after Christmas, when I had taken the bus with my mum to the coach/bus station for her to board a Megabus coach to go see her cousin. My brother was also due to come down from Leeds to continue his Christmas holiday visit with me from where it paused on Boxing Day. I’d spoken with him previously to book his journey to the station such that he’ll arrive just after I’d seen mum off. But Continue reading

I will wait…

So what were you thinking when you saw the title to this post? Eh? I’m quite sure not a few of your minds may have travelled to some things marriage and relationships based. World people! Lol. . . Well, to be honest, that sorta informed why I decided to give this post this title. Gotcha!! Hehe.


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Having said that, that’s not all we wait for, is it? Different life situations call for different wait times. So recently, I for the first time went with a guy to a barber’s shop to have his hair reorganised…lol. Prior to this time, I thought barbing hair takes less, much less, minute fractions of the amount of time we ladies take to braid or fix or plait or perm our hairs. I was alone in this belief bubble. I was in for a shock, we arrived around 14.43, the barber was working on someone’s hair. I  thought, max 10 minutes, he’ll be done with the guy and it’ll then be our turn. Who say?! We waited for Continue reading