The Sat-Nav

If you, like me, have been around/in church long enough, you very likely would have heard preachers, pastors and other ministers of the Word of GOD use the Sat-Nav/GPS systems as an analogy of how GOD helps us navigate this journey called LIFE. I thought on this while on one of my ~45-minute commutes home from work when I noticed my Sat-Nav give the same instruction at a particular point on the M60 (a motorway in North England): “exit left then stay right” and the display at the top bar read: “Continue on the M60”. I dismissed it initially and then noticed it happened the next day and came to expect it at the same point on the M60. Continue reading


Blessed Assurance

Some of you reading this may have had a song come to mind when you read the title of this post – Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine; Oh! what a foretaste of glory divine,…. That’s a great hymn and reminds me of the overarching foundation and life to all I do is being a part with Jesus. It not only points to future glory but tells me of present victories when HE is with me and I’m with HIM.

blessed assur

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In the past few months, I’ve been dealing with rather nasty anxieties and panic attacks I never thought I had prior to this season and still can’t pinpoint what exactly caused it but I had panic attacks about even the minutest of things. And honestly, it has exhausted me. I’m getting better but wholly depending on Jesus for strength for each day and every situation I face.

In light of these mind troubles, when these attacks happen, sometimes Continue reading

Sweat the Small Stuff

In a previous post, I talked about chronicling GOD’s goodness to you and yours on the regular and that I did not just want to write about what I interpreted to be mundane stuff, like journey mercies to and from work, good health, good relationships with my family, etc. Oh boy! How wrong was I as those are the things I’ve written regularly in my Thanksgiving Journal as they are very important things that I get reminded of not to take for granted but guard jealously with gratitude. Continue reading

Laish -> Dan

Sounds weird for a post title? What in Heaven’s name is CS all about here? Don’t worry. It’ll be clear in a few lines.

So here I was studying my Bible on a recent bank holiday Monday (Not living in the UK? Bank holiday ≡ public holiday, I’ve never really found out why it is called a bank holiday. Fair enough, banks close on such day but I digress . . .), and read the book of Judges that lists the exploits of the people that judged Israel after Joshua and before Samuel. Some had interesting resumes Continue reading

Relational Abuse

A few months ago, I learnt on social media that a lady, the wife of a husband and a mother of kids, had died due to physical abuse from the man that was supposed to love her like Christ loved the church and give himself for her (Ephesians 5:25-28), who instead made her give her life for herself. I shared a post on Facebook a few weeks after the event briefly describing what I believe is a Biblical answer to those suffering abuse – physical, emotional or verbal, from their spouse and whose lives are in danger.

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This post is a fuller version of what I shared on Facebook. Now, I strongly believe that the Bible, GOD’s Word, has the answer to EVERY situation you and I might find ourselves in this life. It may not be there in black and white, explicitly applicable to your situation, but looking with the heart of Christ, with a mind to really know what GOD says about the situation, opens your eyes to see the other colours HE has written your answers in.

My parallel to the case of abuse is that of the relationship between David and king Saul. To get the full story, Continue reading

Changing the Atmosphere

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So I started this new training placement in a school in South Manchester and drove there on my first day. But walahi, Manchester people (many it seems), those that drive that is, are in a constant hurry to go somewhere. I can almost imagine it being like Lagos during rush hour if by mistake someone plants a virus in the computer controls of the traffic lights and they start behaving like some LASTMA people. I can only imagine!! As a result, I initially decided not to drive as it was causing me too much anxiety (topic for another day!). Bus and tram journey times were about the same but bus was cheaper, almost by a half, in fact probably more as I would have needed to take the bus to the tram stop closest to my house.

 transportation Image credit:

That’s the background, now to the main ground . . .hehe. So here I was, I’m bus-ing back home on this weird weather Friday in April, and whilst waiting at the bus stop, Continue reading

Do Not Flush

I recently had a long overdue catch up phone call with a dear friend of mine, who I hadn’t spoken to in, what I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if true, a year. It was really good catching up with him and sharing testimonies of seeing the hand of GOD in each of our lives. Our conversation could have gone on for longer but he had work to get back to and I had holiday to keep resting in…lol.

 dont-flush-wipesImage credit: CVSan

One of the things we spoke about was job-related, finding a good job in a foreign country. And we both had similar experiences and whilst reflecting on our conversation, and another I had with another dear friend, I came to the conclusion that no effort of faith in GOD is ever lost. I’ll say that again:


It may appear that you put all your eggs into HIS basket and then suddenly, Continue reading