Hospital Kids Watch

Recently I’ve had to visit the hospital four times after visiting a new saloon once, more on that in a later blog post. Maybe. And herein lies the reason why I’ve hibernated so long between posts. Please bear with me.

When I walked in, there were four kids aged from 4 months (heard mum mention his age to another mum) to possibly ~6/7 years old. Three were from the same family with mum and grandma, visiting on the baby’s behalf. The 4th child was with her mum, I assume and not allowed to play with the other two who were sizeable enough to run around the waiting area. Continue reading


Frank and Zen

Pre P.S.: Recommended music: Raised to Life by Elevation Worship

Only GOD knows what you thought I was going to be talking about in this post given its title . . . lol.

Recently, I acquired a ‘new’ freezer. Now this freezer, let’s call it Zen, was new to my house, not new to being used . . . lol. In other words, I bought it second-hand, thanks to Gumtree. And thanks to proximity, I was also able to get it from the ‘shop’ to my house in Bumble-Bee. My brother was away so I had to lift it from Bumble-Bee’s boot to its final destination under the counter. Continue reading