Root Cause (SS2)

I hope you are enjoying but more importantly being blessed by the posts so far on becoming a more self aware person. I believe this will help you handle many situations in a more matured, Spirit-led and calmer manner. If you haven’t read the previous posts, you can do so here and here.

In the last post, I wrote about some anxiety I was dealing with whilst getting a hold of driving, instead of driving getting a hold of me! It is GOD and I that are doing this driving together, walahi! In fact, a regular entry to my gratitude journal is “Thank GOD for safe driving to/from work”. No joke! I do not take it for granted, no sire! Continue reading


BeAware (SS1)

Nah, not beware! Although sometimes you should beware, but not every time. But for this post and some of the ones coming after it, I mean Be Aware. Be very aware! Not sure what I am talking about? Then you may need to go here and read my last (related) post to get some context, then come back to this.

In that post, I introduced you to how I was introduced to becoming more aware of my thoughts and feelings and knowing how best to deal with them. I promised to share some of my experiences in a series of posts and hopefully get you to become more self aware. By the way, SS means Self Surgery, in honour of the ‘leader’ of this post. Continue reading

Have the Half Time

We interrupt the SS series to bring you some thoughts for the holidays, especially if we’re wearing similar shoes!

A friend of mine did some mathematical stats on the number of hours teachers work compared to ‘normal’ workers like you non-teachers. You can read it here (if the link does not work for you, holla and I’ll copy and paste it at the bottom of this post). The summary of the post is that teachers generally have an equivalent of 2 weeks of holidays per year, so be nice to your teacher friends, eh!!

So I had my first half term break for this academic year some weeks back and I was determined not to let the break break away from me nor allow myself coast through it but be productive – feed my mind, body, soul and spirit. This mindset kept me in action mode and I maintained, give or take half an hour, my sleep routine. I was exhausted by the week leading to the break, getting out of the bed needed a good portion of self-talk! But get out I did! Continue reading

Self Surgery

You know how you watch a movie, especially one with Jackie Chan in it, and after the main movie, you go behind the scenes? Or a movie like F&F (no, not the clothing line!) and you get to go behind the scenes to see how the movie is made? It gives you a deeper appreciation for the scenes you’ve just watched and helps you see more of the director’s heart/mind in why things played out the way they did. At least it does for me. Continue reading

Look and Live

Remember how I started the last post that had a slight detour that turned into a major detour that needed more space than a few paragraphs that led to the original post being postponed to a later date? No? You don’t remember? Oya, go and read about it here. Then come back and continue with this one.

So I was talking about how I hadn’t written in a long time and needed to do so quickly to avoid being a 1-in-21-days writer and remembered an incident that happened in my early days of driving. Anyone ever had those awkward moments when you looked at something but did not see it? Continue reading


That awkward moment when you look at something but you don’t see it! Am I making sense? Can I get a witness? No? Well, stay with me and I’ll explain in a bit. I was thinking of a new post, as one was over due, (before I become a once-in-21-days blogger! Heaven forbid!!) and an earlier experience this year of looking but not seeing came to mind. It started to take on flesh as I thought about it some more. I then made a mental note to revisit it once I was sat in-front of my PC with better music playing through my B&O speakers (thanks a lot bro!)

If you’ve read one of my first posts on this blog, you might remember this one on my initial driving experiences. (GOD is helping your sister! Amen!) Let me detour a bit: Continue reading