Stressed Desserts

Recently I went out for dinner with my family (or should I say part of) to an ethnically-diverse buffet-style restaurant in the city centre. Just as we were enjoying the ambience and eating for the next 3 days, I looked up towards the section that had all the sweet stuff lined up waiting to top up or top off the already indulgent food consumption. See the picture below? Do you see what I see? No, look again and really see. Be inspired by the title of this post and think outside the box. Do you see it now? No? Continue reading


Schalp Attack – 1

One thing I tried to do during my last half-term break was get my hair done in preparation for the new half term. One thing I did not do, was go with my own combs and hair potions, because of convenience. That was almost my undoing but for GOD’s unfailing LOVE.

Pre P.S.: The full story is going to last more than one post. My plan is to release them every other day – about four posts in all. So please travel with me.

I was in a Manchester borough to see a pastor and service my car, then decided to make it a hat-trick by having my hair done – crochet braids (a first-time gig). I reasoned since people were in the salon it must be decent, so went in and waited. And then finally it was my turn. Continue reading

Breaking Bad (SS4)

Nope! I don’t watch the TV show (either); it just seemed a nice, catchy title for this post. Hehe . . . About a week from now, I’ll write four posts back-to-back on my hair-scalp ordeal. You will be able to read all about it here, here, here and then finally here . . . lol.

It is usually said it take 21 days to build a habit. And I reckoned that since the scalp illness lasted about 7/8 weeks, I had enough time to build the habit of scratching an itchy scalp, then reinforce that habit with practice. So that probably explains why my hands will go automatically to my head to scratch even with the slightest nudge. Continue reading

Personal WORD (SS3)

Recommended read-listening: No Longer Slaves

A few months ago I listened to one of the pastors of Bethel Church, Seth Dahl and he shared how he discovered he had a need to be or feel significant, of significance (I’m probably not quoting him verbatim, excuse me biko). What he said was like a seed planted in my heart. A few weeks after listening to him, it was also confirmed to me that I had a need for recognition. Although I am quite introvert-ish and tend to keep to myself, taking a while to let people into my life, I like to be spotlight-ed. #trueconfession

In and of itself, wanting to be recognised is not an issue unless I now start pursuing it so much so that I strive to get it from all the wrong sources. One of the things Seth spoke about was making sure his significance wasn’t from the number of likes or comments or re-tweets or re-shares or reposts of his online content – he LOVES social media, he says. Continue reading