my money and me

It has not even been a month yet of using my newly downloaded budgeting app – iSaveMoney, and I’m learning a few things about myself. To be honest, the name of the app is a prophecy for me especially as I’ve recorded all my expenses for the last 3 weeks and it seems the app should be called iSpendMoney! #justsaying. Let’s just say I have about £40 to live on till the end of the month!

Let me give you a bit of history of my relationship with money. If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you may already have your suspicions of what it is/was. Let’s see if you’re right or wrong. Continue reading


I Am Not

On a recent Friday I was skipping out of work to join my brother in the city centre to see Hacksaw Ridge in the cinema, to celebrate the plus one addition to our family. I was already feeling very happy for the later days of that week even though there was a rough start to the week. But oh well, thank GOD for HIS never-ending ability to gracefully interrupt the lows and give reasons to smile and celebrate out of HIS forever love and peace! Thank YOU, GOD!!

Anyhoo, on my way out of work, I was saying my good nights to the cleaners as I walked past them. When I got to the third and penultimate one for the night, she stopped me. I was wondering what that was for but stop I did. She asked me to excuse her, and I gave her one of my excuse tickets for the day! Lol . . . Continue reading

Doubting Benefits

Giving the benefit of the doubt. That’s a weird phrase but it works in explaining what to do in certain situations so as to maintain my peace of mind. Doubts apparently can have some benefits. GOD is steadily delivering and recovering  me from being a pre-judger of people! One of the tools HE has equipped with me is giving people the benefit of the doubt to explain their actions so I can keep my cool hat on.

I have practised this for quite a while now that it’s almost my default response when I’m tempted to move someone over to the dark side by their (in)actions that rub me the wrong way. For example, if while driving someone overtakes or undertakes me in a dangerous manner, I’ll almost straight away think that maybe the person’s wife is in labour and they are rushing to get home. That I’ll probably do the same if I were in their shoes. (I wonder why I think those drivers are male, maybe because of the men in whose cars I’ve ridden! You know yourselves!) Continue reading

Blogging vs Uni Essays

I no know who send me message too oh! Abeg, help me ask. As if the number of degrees I have is not enough – 3 as it stands. I sent myself to add more letters after my full-stop; I enrolled on a part-time (thank You Jesus for that!) PGCE course based on social research.

Recently I had to write a 4500 word essay on a teaching and learning research area. Now Continue reading