Ugonna, U gonna be remembered


Though battered and bruised,
Life felt that wasn’t enough.
Though hurt and pained,
It thought another punch was well deserved.

How do I define what I just heard?
Over the weekend another life has ended.
Ended did it?
Or left us for better.

Time’s barely passed
Since we mourned her exit;
Since I mourned his exit,
Since we mourned their exits.

With hearts aching still,
And emotions raw on pain.
It wasn’t enough
No, we hadn’t suffered enough.

Another blow was due
It came, yes it came.
Landed. Oh, how we felt it
Minds numb, hearts saddened,
Tears flowed, words were few.

You were a true friend,
Your heart was so open,
There was no exit door.
All who came were welcome.

Like your Saviour our Jesus.
No matter the wrong others repaid,
Your heart was forgiving,
You still held them dear.

We didn’t talk much but I knew,
As most of us did,
That you were dependable,
Consistent, honest, reliable.

To have known you for nearly a decade,
Has been nothing less than
GOD smiling on me.
To have fellowshipped with you,
Has been a glimpse of Jesus.

Your strength was your generosity,
Your peace was your heart,
Your wealth was your openness,
Your life was a story,
Of GOD and HIS love.

Your laughter was reassuring,
Your smile was endearing,
Your arms were uplifting,
Your presence was a gift.

Heaven holds a treasure;
A treasure made for two others,
Who stood welcoming you,
Let you on into HOME.

Oh, let’s make that three!
Mine and yours,
Stood at heaven’s door,
Smiling as you walked on in.

Your family here weeps for you,
Your friends ache to hear your voice.
Your dry jokes and stories,
Your buddies now hold dear.

We know you’re free,
From all pain that held you here.
We trust you’re resting,
In Father’s arms so dear.

Adiós my friend!
Till we meet again,
We’ll do our best to carry
The light you lit these years!

Free at last!
Thank GOD! You are free at last!




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