I remet a guy

So here I was at this training event and met up with a dear friend from Loughborough which was lovely. I soon learnt a guy I might know from same base was also at this event. I recognised the name but wasn’t sure as my friend didn’t have as much of him as I had. Anyway, my suspect was confirmed that morning and I did in fact know him from before. Continue reading


The real gym cost

Recently (okay, not so recently as I have not written in weeks! Oops! Months! LORD have mercy! Sorry folks . . Here’s my make-up post:). (Not so) Recently, I shared that I’d joined my local gym which is not something I’ll usually do because I don’t like subscriptions like mobile contracts where I’m tied in for a while and can’t leave and come back when I like.

But, I’ve been enjoying my gym life and going regularly, not because I always feel like being wet with sweat but because they have my money! I need to maximise that! Continue reading