I know my father

“How are you getting home tonight?”, one of the leaders asked, wondering quietly how he even got to the youth meeting that evening.

“I’m walking home”, he replied.
“And where do you live?”
“Victoria Avenue.”
“Seriously? You plan on walking all the way there?”
“Yes, I walked here from there”, he said, shrugging his shoulder, like I was crazy for even allowing that question pass through my brain!
“You don’t have a bus pass or bus money?”, she inquired.
“It’s fine. I’ll walk home”, he restated, as he started to make a move towards the front exit.

Protestingly, the leader complained, “Victoria Avenue is too far! It’s dark and it’s cold!”,  sounding worried for his welfare, but impressed with his commitment.
“No, it’s fine. I walked down, so I’ll be able to walk back home”, he insisted, as his body inched closer and now almost fully turned towards the door.
“Wait and I’ll give you a lift, once I’ve locked up the doors.” Continue reading