My name can be Christie Silas and it’s one I’ve always wanted to use. The first name is part of one of my names and the second is one of my dad’s. I prefer not to use my current legal name, just because . . . .

Anyway, I’ve always wanted a platform to share my thoughts (I think they are funny sometimes…lol) and said publicly I wanted to have a blog about 3 years ago and now, here it is.

I hope you enjoy the ride with me as I share my thinking on everything, okay, maybe not everything, on some things from GOD to People to Work. And I hope you learn something or at least have a laugh on my account!

I plan on posting something new at least once a week, but sometimes more often than that, and less often less often. If you have liked/loved for what read, please feel free to follow by email, like, comment and share; let’s do this RACE together!!

To your peace and health, I raise a glass.

P.S.: I also offer a professional editing service. You can contact me here: http://christieedits.com/

P.P.S.: You can earn cashback shopping online using TopCashback.


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