Road Rage II

You can read part 1 to this tale here to get acquainted with the different public transportation options available to mere mortals in Lagos, Nigeria.

Back to my story, I started off my movement for the day by taking option 6 from my house to the bank. After my banking transactions were done, I wanted to get another 6 or at least an empty 3 to my next destination. After waiting under the hot sun for a while with many invitations from option 2 drivers, I decided to put my life in the hands of Jesus Continue reading

Road Rage I

I just had my first official road rage in a very long time, so long ago was the last one that I don’t remember it. I don’t see the point of raging on the road, it’s a waste of energy and it takes a while for all that adrenaline to diffuse! Usually I just slow down and allow them go because the thing that might be chasing them is not chasing me! Praise GOD!!

From my last post, some of you may have deciphered that I’m back home in Nigeria. Since I don’t have a car, nor the guts to drive one, I’ve been commuting by taxi to most places. Before I delve into my rage, Continue reading

Faith from a Tooth Filling

I hope you read that correctly? I wrote, tooth filling, not tooth fairy! For you superstitious folks out there! Haha . . . Just kidding . . .

Anyway, sometime in December last year, I had my annual dental checkup and in the run up to that time, I noticed that when crushing chicken bones (if you know, you know!) one of my molars ached like as it was something unthinkable! Hey you tooth, I brush you everyday and take care of you. How dare you ache? Continue reading

I know my father

“How are you getting home tonight?”, one of the leaders asked, wondering quietly how he even got to the youth meeting that evening.

“I’m walking home”, he replied.
“And where do you live?”
“Victoria Avenue.”
“Seriously? You plan on walking all the way there?”
“Yes, I walked here from there”, he said, shrugging his shoulder, like I was crazy for even allowing that question pass through my brain!
“You don’t have a bus pass or bus money?”, she inquired.
“It’s fine. I’ll walk home”, he restated, as he started to make a move towards the front exit.

Protestingly, the leader complained, “Victoria Avenue is too far! It’s dark and it’s cold!”,  sounding worried for his welfare, but impressed with his commitment.
“No, it’s fine. I walked down, so I’ll be able to walk back home”, he insisted, as his body inched closer and now almost fully turned towards the door.
“Wait and I’ll give you a lift, once I’ve locked up the doors.” Continue reading

IC’s – Identity

ObosaMeMan: So what do you identify as?

Me: A god

Him: Really?

Me: Yes, really

Him: Be more specific

Me: A human god

Him: What kind?

Me: A Christian human god

Him: Erm,… Looks perplexed

Me: A female Christian human god

Him: What kind?

Me: A Nigerian female Christian human god

Him: Please be seriousObosaMe

Me: A teaching Nigerian female Christian human god

Him: Thank you for your time.

Me: Nice chatting with you too.

P.S.: IC = Imagined Conversations