draMATHic Five – Triangle

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draMATHic Four – Trapezium

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Mr T: The next shape to learn is a trapezium.
Alex: A trap museum? I’ve never heard of it.
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draMATHic Three – Circumference

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Teacher, Mr T: Two lessons ago, we learnt the formula for the area of a circle. Who remembers it?
Alex the clueless: I do!

mathsdramaBenny the bully: It’s not a wedding ceremony, Alex!
*Class shouts at once: PIES ARE SQUARED!!! Laughter erupts!

Mr T smiles: Fair enough, but remember to put your hands up to answer next time.
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draMATHic Two – Rectangle

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Teacher: Good morning class. We’re starting off today with learning to work out the area of a rectangle.

mathsdramaAlex with his hand up, says, Sir.
Mr T: Yes, Alex.
Alex: Our PE teacher hasn’t taught us that workout yet.

Mr T: *confused face* I’m lost, I don’t understand what you’ve just said.
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draMATHic One – Circle

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Mr T, the teacher: Today, we’re going to learn about formulas relating to circles. Anyone have an example of circles?
*Silence follows . . .

Annabelle: Sir, I have a good example of a circle.
Mr T: Thanks Anna. Please share.
Anna: Pies! Continue reading