Black don’t camp

From my widely researched statistical study of 3 black people and camping, I made this statement to my research participants and they nodded their heads vigorously in agreement. Well, if you disagree, you can close this blog now. Serious. Go ahead and read something else. Haha…I’m only joking, come back and hear me out. Continue reading


JADAV Lagos Traffic Wardens

Another true tale of my time in Nigeria. Now I wish I’d either recorded or video’d the conversation. Looking back at it, it was hilarious! Get comfortable, maybe get a cuppa and let me gist you!!

In case you’re wondering about the meaning of the acronym Continue reading

Road Rage II

You can read part 1 to this tale here to get acquainted with the different public transportation options available to mere mortals in Lagos, Nigeria.

Back to my story, I started off my movement for the day by taking option 6 from my house to the bank. After my banking transactions were done, I wanted to get another 6 or at least an empty 3 to my next destination. After waiting under the hot sun for a while with many invitations from option 2 drivers, I decided to put my life in the hands of Jesus Continue reading

Road Rage I

I just had my first official road rage in a very long time, so long ago was the last one that I don’t remember it. I don’t see the point of raging on the road, it’s a waste of energy and it takes a while for all that adrenaline to diffuse! Usually I just slow down and allow them go because the thing that might be chasing them is not chasing me! Praise GOD!!

From my last post, some of you may have deciphered that I’m back home in Nigeria. Since I don’t have a car, nor the guts to drive one, I’ve been commuting by taxi to most places. Before I delve into my rage, Continue reading

IC’s – Identity

ObosaMeMan: So what do you identify as?

Me: A god

Him: Really?

Me: Yes, really

Him: Be more specific

Me: A human god

Him: What kind?

Me: A Christian human god

Him: Erm,… Looks perplexed

Me: A female Christian human god

Him: What kind?

Me: A Nigerian female Christian human god

Him: Please be seriousObosaMe

Me: A teaching Nigerian female Christian human god

Him: Thank you for your time.

Me: Nice chatting with you too.

P.S.: IC = Imagined Conversations


21 things I learnt living with a bachelor

Almost two months since my last post! Guys, this is not good. Not for me. Not for you, my dear readers. I can’t keep apologising if I don’t do something about it. Maybe I should bring myself under some sort of contract to blog with some regularity or else . . . (suggestions welcome!)

Anyway, this post has been stewing in the back of my mind for a while. Not that I like food that much! I’ve even mentioned it to him and we had a laugh about it. So here we go, here are the 21 things Continue reading