The Dress Story

“Jake, where’s my dress?”

“It should be at the back of the car. Have you checked?”

“Yes I have. I’ve emptied both the back of the car and the boot and I still can’t find it.”

“Ha! That’s not even funny oh! Let me have another look. I’m sure I saw you take it from your room downstairs just before we left. I think I even saw you put it in the car.”

“What!! You didn’t take it? Even though you were the first to step out of the house. I thought you were carrying it.”

“No oh! I was carrying the red carrier bag we were going to use for food shopping later.” Continue reading

My Daniel Fast – Food

I decided to tag along with the recent 7-day fast organised by Bethel Church. Thankfully, it was the first week of the Easter holidays so I could give it better attention than if I was working.

I knew I didn’t want to do a dry fast as I would be distracted by the hunger. My odeshi hasn’t reached that level yet. The 6-to-6 one aka eat-only-after-6pm, didn’t appeal either. Bethel had different fast suggestions, so I decided to go for the Daniel Fast, which is Continue reading

Eternity’s Brief

Those two words seem out of whack put next to each other: eternity and brevity. Although they rhyme, they aren’t synonyms! I was thinking of a way to continue to honour the memory of a dear friend, who’s continued his eternal journey directly with Jesus, and to whom I wrote a tribute in my last post.

Recently, I listened to a message by John Bevere as he shared in Bethel Church about one’s life purpose. One of the things that stuck in my head was Continue reading

Heightened Expectations

So one day, a while back, I was listening to music via YouTube and if you’re anything like me, you have songs that speak to you during different seasons of your life and are always on replay (YouTube hurry up and do auto-repeat!). Like the song needs to sink into your spirit, soul and brain especially when the song says what you feel but couldn’t put words to. Before I become too deep, let me kuku carry on with what I wanted to share with you in this post. Continue reading

Toilet Thinking

Not every time something deep, sometimes mess about, sometimes something silly! I live a real life (just thought I’ll drop that one there briefly!) and if you’re anything like me, you may be able to relate to what follows in the next few paragraphs!

Do you ever sit on that most important white seat in your house and get some ‘inspiration’ from above or around you as you empty down below? Haha… Continue reading

Tranquil Tongue

Imagine for a moment that someone was screaming their head off at you for your sin(s) of committing or omitting. And instead of replying fire for fire lest people get burned and irreversible damage is done, you send your response or reply from the left side of your brain which they say is more rational.

Then those words make their way down to your mouth, and reach your tongue. But you first pass it through a step-down transformer that changes the high volume response to Continue reading