Random Thoughts

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“No, you’re not fat; you’re just carrying more than your fair share of the weight of the world.” #imaginedconversations

Trying to read when sleepy is reading through one eye and it coming out the other eye, never making it to your brain!! #takeanap

The number of goats, bulls, sheep, lambs and fowls the OT priests had to offer regularly must have made them smell like abattoirs.

That awkward moment when you’re wearing a summer skirt and you’re about to pee and still zip down instead of pulling up  #‎toodeyweartrouser#‎skirtit‬

Today @ work, I was reminded that the timing of a request with a high probability of a ‘No’ response has a tremendous effect on that probability. #‎followHISleading‬ ‪#‎mathsteacher

I’ve finally calculated how long I spend in the bathroom . . . #forever #karijobe

Reading the story of Nabal in 1 Samuel 25 tells me wealth and wisdom can be two mutually exclusive events.

GOD bless the person that discovered the wonderfully satisfying combination of groundnuts and banana!

When you live alone and are responsible for only your feeding, sometimes it’s easier to fast and pray than to cook.

The stiffness of the cold water tap let’s you realise how long winter has been.

I’ve always seriously disliked people smoking in the bus-stop shelter, like why can’t you move away or do you think we’re too cheap to buy our own cigarettes and would rather bask in the wave of your exhale?! So I imagined this conversation in light of this.

Me: (thinking: Thank God my tummy is gaseous too). *fart*

S: (giving me the death stare) do you think it’s okay to do THAT in here??

Me: (eyeing the cigarette, raised eyebrow) do you think it’s okay to do THAT in here?

S: It’s a cigarette! People smoke.

Me: I know! People also fart.

S: It’s external.

Me: Nah! What I’m smelling is from inside you. What you’re smelling is from inside me too!

S: *hiss*

Me: grins

Bus arrives…. Journey continues!

When a non-stick pot loses its non-stickiness, do you then call it a stick pot or a non pot?


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