defaulting habits

Three times this past week I ‘wasted’ time because I was doing things out of habit instead of remembering that things had changed, however momentarily. By the time, I had done my hat-trick, that’s when the penny dropped, when it clicked. I realised the power of habits. Or was reminded of.

So working backwards from the one that sent the penny to the floor! Lol. Continue reading


Stressed Desserts

Recently I went out for dinner with my family (or should I say part of) to an ethnically-diverse buffet-style restaurant in the city centre. Just as we were enjoying the ambience and eating for the next 3 days, I looked up towards the section that had all the sweet stuff lined up waiting to top up or top off the already indulgent food consumption. See the picture below? Do you see what I see? No, look again and really see. Be inspired by the title of this post and think outside the box. Do you see it now? No? Continue reading

BeAware (SS1)

Nah, not beware! Although sometimes you should beware, but not every time. But for this post and some of the ones coming after it, I mean Be Aware. Be very aware! Not sure what I am talking about? Then you may need to go here and read my last (related) post to get some context, then come back to this.

In that post, I introduced you to how I was introduced to becoming┬ámore aware of my thoughts and feelings and knowing how best to deal with┬áthem. I promised to share some of my experiences in a series of posts and hopefully get you to become more self aware. By the way, SS means Self Surgery, in honour of the ‘leader’ of this post. Continue reading

Self Surgery

You know how you watch a movie, especially one with Jackie Chan in it, and after the main movie, you go behind the scenes? Or a movie like F&F (no, not the clothing line!) and you get to go behind the scenes to see how the movie is made? It gives you a deeper appreciation for the scenes you’ve just watched and helps you see more of the director’s heart/mind in why things played out the way they did. At least it does for me. Continue reading