that time we rummaged bins

“So what did Virgin [trains] say?”

“That I have to send them my tickets for them to process the refund.”

“Okay, check the [paper recycle] bin at home, it should still be there.”

Nope! I have not started looking for scraps in bins nor have I (thank You Jesus!) Continue reading


My other half (not)

“Aww you two make a lovely couple!”

“I love the way you and your husband dance in church, moving in the same direction.”

“You look a lot like your husband.”

“Is this your other half?”

“How long have you two been married?” Continue reading

little Big things

You may have noticed I have not written in almost a week now. Well, I have an excuse, sorta, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block! Now, this is not because I haven’t seen GOD in my dailies, I mean that’s the subtitle of this blog. And I have been writing in my journal quite regularly too! It’s just I haven’t been inspired to take any of those sightings broader nor forward. I asked my brother-man for ideas, he gave some funny (more like silly) ideas and finally this one I’m writing today.

I thought I’ll talk about what happened to me quite recently and how I no longer feel silly for writing things like ‘grateful for safe driving to work’ everyday in my gratitude journal.

So I had a meeting with some senior colleagues, that for the sake of how much I Continue reading

the art of being Home

After being away from Home for about 16 months, I was finally able to go Home and see my family. If you read one of my first posts on this blog, you’ll know that I wasn’t able to go Home because of the UK’s home office saga, when my dad went HOME. So finally, I’m Home!! I was and am well happy to be Home. UK is just house, not home for me, at least not yet. It’s been really good to see the rest of my family and be in my father’s rent-free house . . . lol.

So I’m chilling at Home with my family and visiting and catching up with friends, Continue reading