little Big things

You may have noticed I have not written in almost a week now. Well, I have an excuse, sorta, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block! Now, this is not because I haven’t seen GOD in my dailies, I mean that’s the subtitle of this blog. And I have been writing in my journal quite regularly too! It’s just I haven’t been inspired to take any of those sightings broader nor forward. I asked my brother-man for ideas, he gave some funny (more like silly) ideas and finally this one I’m writing today.

I thought I’ll talk about what happened to me quite recently and how I no longer feel silly for writing things like ‘grateful for safe driving to work’ everyday in my gratitude journal.

So I had a meeting with some senior colleagues, that for the sake of how much I Continue reading


The Re-Visit

Part of my training year as a teacher was to spend a week in a primary school learning all I can about how kids are taught in Key Stages 1 and 2 (equivalent to Primary School 1-6 in Nigeria) to help me teach them better when they move on to Key Stages 3 – 5 a.k.a secondary school. As I was (or am?) still settling in Manchester when the time came around for me to spend that week in a primary school, my professional mentor in school was kind enough to ask me if I wanted to spend it in Loughborough as that was where I knew people and could reconnect with friends there. I immediately jumped at the opportunity and said ‘Yes’. I had the job of then emailing quite a few primary schools and after a few emails and some ‘Nos’, I got a ‘Yes’. (If you’ve not read my blog post on not being afraid of No’s, you can do so here.) Continue reading