that time we rummaged bins

“So what did Virgin [trains] say?”

“That I have to send them my tickets for them to process the refund.”

“Okay, check the [paper recycle] bin at home, it should still be there.”

Nope! I have not started looking for scraps in bins nor have I (thank You Jesus!) Continue reading


Self Surgery

You know how you watch a movie, especially one with Jackie Chan in it, and after the main movie, you go behind the scenes? Or a movie like F&F (no, not the clothing line!) and you get to go behind the scenes to see how the movie is made? It gives you a deeper appreciation for the scenes you’ve just watched and helps you see more of the director’s heart/mind in why things played out the way they did. At least it does for me. Continue reading


That awkward moment when you look at something but you don’t see it! Am I making sense? Can I get a witness? No? Well, stay with me and I’ll explain in a bit. I was thinking of a new post, as one was over due, (before I become a once-in-21-days blogger! Heaven forbid!!) and an earlier experience this year of looking but not seeing came to mind. It started to take on flesh as I thought about it some more. I then made a mental note to revisit it once I was sat in-front of my PC with better music playing through my B&O speakers (thanks a lot bro!)

If you’ve read one of my first posts on this blog, you might remember this one on my initial driving experiences. (GOD is helping your sister! Amen!) Let me detour a bit: Continue reading

twitter power

Hehehe . . . Twitter has power oh! Singing #thereispowerin140twitter . Well, of course, something is making me say this. Twitter is one of the three social media platforms I’m on. All the others are too advanced or to be honest, just too much energy for my smartphone which although is overdue a younger sister, has started acting like a slowphone. I digress. Back to the reason why I say Twitter has power. Continue reading

The Power of No

In my experience and general reading on the power of the word ‘No’, it has usually been from the point of view of saying ‘No’ to many things and saying ‘Yes’ to the most important things in (your) life, which is very valid advice. Today’s post on the subject of ‘No’ is from the receiving end, not the giving end. Even though it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20 v 35), there’s still some blessing in receiving. Sometimes you receive, not every time give…lol.

 The-power-of-No Image credit: Jomuirhead

Due to the structure of my first accommodation in this city, I had to move house once the initial 6 months contract was up. My experience with that will probably be published in a different post. Part of the drama of moving house was moving internet. I had signed up with Sky at the first place, and thought it would be a quick plug-and-play transfer of the internet services. However, I had to wait Continue reading

Double ‘C’ 7, part 3

You may not fully understand the gist of this post if you have not read its part 1 and part 2. Do yourself a favour – complete your ‘joy’ by reading it here and here. Come back once you’re done!

Now, that you’ve read parts 1 and 2, welcome on board to the end game of this drama based on true life events. The characters in this story have been kept the same to maintain authenticity . . . lol . . . Anyway, back to the story. So my brother got to the bus station and you would not believe what happened! We never expected it! We did not even consider that possibility! Did not take it into our calculations!

  giphysurprisedface Image credit: Giphy


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Double ‘C’ 7, part 2

007-Logo Image credit: masbradwall

If you’ve not read the first part of this post, please do so here, and then come back.

Welcome back! So I was chewing gum at the end of part 1. When I got to this part in the story when telling it to the rest of my immediate family including my mum, no one quite guessed it right! So you’re a great mind if you find out further down this lane that you thought right! Ha! By now, you may have been able to guess what I did with the chewed gum.

 female-spy Image credit: SECRET AGENT JOSEPHINE

After chewing the sweetness out of the gum, I brought out the second ticket from my bag or pocket (I can’t remember which). I made sure I was sat on the ‘window’ seat of the coach station chairs (as circled in the picture below). The seats in this station were perpendicular/at 90° to the boarding doors to the buses, much like in an aircraft. I then Continue reading