Gym-me so far

From my previous post (which seems like 30 light years ago, my truest apologies dear readers!), I recently joined the gym and I’m about 2 months in, going quite regularly in my opinion.

Since this is my resurrecting post, I’ll just go easy and share my journey so far. Here we go: Continue reading


why the alarm went off in the gym

I decided to join my local gym! Haha . . . I’ve never been a fan of gyms but I decided to try it. So online I went. As you may have well suspected, I don’t part with my money easy. If I can get it free, I will pursue that! I hate, okay, maybe not hate; I do not like financial subscriptions and I have to count the full cost first!

But why did I decide to join now? Read on . . . Continue reading

Schalp Attack – 1

One thing I tried to do during my last half-term break was get my hair done in preparation for the new half term. One thing I did not do, was go with my own combs and hair potions, because of convenience. That was almost my undoing but for GOD’s unfailing LOVE.

Pre P.S.: The full story is going to last more than one post. My plan is to release them every other day – about four posts in all. So please travel with me.

I was in a Manchester borough to see a pastor and service my car, then decided to make it a hat-trick by having my hair done – crochet braids (a first-time gig). I reasoned since people were in the salon it must be decent, so went in and waited. And then finally it was my turn. Continue reading