why the alarm went off in the gym

I decided to join my local gym! Haha . . . I’ve never been a fan of gyms but I decided to try it. So online I went. As you may have well suspected, I don’t part with my money easy. If I can get it free, I will pursue that! I hate, okay, maybe not hate; I do not like financial subscriptions and I have to count the full cost first!

But why did I decide to join now? Read on . . . Continue reading

Schalp Attack – 1

One thing I tried to do during my last half-term break was get my hair done in preparation for the new half term. One thing I did not do, was go with my own combs and hair potions, because of convenience. That was almost my undoing but for GOD’s unfailing LOVE.

Pre P.S.: The full story is going to last more than one post. My plan is to release them every other day – about four posts in all. So please travel with me.

I was in a Manchester borough to see a pastor and service my car, then decided to make it a hat-trick by having my hair done – crochet braids (a first-time gig). I reasoned since people were in the salon it must be decent, so went in and waited. And then finally it was my turn. Continue reading

Haggai Body

A couple of weeks ago, at the start of the Christmas break, I was reading the book of Haggai for my quiet time (devotional) that morning. At the time also, it had been on my mind to resume my daily exercises that I had stopped since last summer. Even though my BMI index is alright, I couldn’t say I was fit as my only exercise was climbing up and down the stairs at work and walking about while teaching and going to and from the toilet and my car! I think my body was now accustomed to these, it did nothing for my strength nor energy levels by the end of the day.

So while reading the chapters of that book, I read them through the lens of exercising – one of the ways we can take care of our bodies, the temples of GOD (1 Corinthians 6:15-20). And shared next are the things I ‘saw’ through those lens and almost verbatim what I wrote down in my journal. Continue reading