The Power of No

In my experience and general reading on the power of the word ‘No’, it has usually been from the point of view of saying ‘No’ to many things and saying ‘Yes’ to the most important things in (your) life, which is very valid advice. Today’s post on the subject of ‘No’ is from the receiving end, not the giving end. Even though it is more blessed to give than to receive (Acts 20 v 35), there’s still some blessing in receiving. Sometimes you receive, not every time give…lol.

 The-power-of-No Image credit: Jomuirhead

Due to the structure of my first accommodation in this city, I had to move house once the initial 6 months contract was up. My experience with that will probably be published in a different post. Part of the drama of moving house was moving internet. I had signed up with Sky at the first place, and thought it would be a quick plug-and-play transfer of the internet services. However, I had to wait Continue reading