fear the root

To be honest, I can’t remember what triggered the thought process that led to this post. But what I can remember is that shortly after I had briefly processed said thought, my brother played a short Joseph Prince message excerpt on YouTube for me. And I remember thinking, “that’s exactly what I was thinking in my head a few days ago.” Continue reading


Root Cause (SS2)

I hope you are enjoying but more importantly being blessed by the posts so far on becoming a more self aware person. I believe this will help you handle many situations in a more matured, Spirit-led and calmer manner. If you haven’t read the previous posts, you can do so here and here.

In the last post, I wrote about some anxiety I was dealing with whilst getting a hold of driving, instead of driving getting a hold of me! It is GOD and I that are doing this driving together, walahi! In fact, a regular entry to my gratitude journal is “Thank GOD for safe driving to/from work”. No joke! I do not take it for granted, no sire! Continue reading

Hospital Kids Watch

Recently I’ve had to visit the hospital four times after visiting a new saloon once, more on that in a later blog post. Maybe. And herein lies the reason why I’ve hibernated so long between posts. Please bear with me.

When I walked in, there were four kids aged from 4 months (heard mum mention his age to another mum) to possibly ~6/7 years old. Three were from the same family with mum and grandma, visiting on the baby’s behalf. The 4th child was with her mum, I assume and not allowed to play with the other two who were sizeable enough to run around the waiting area. Continue reading

the art of being Home

After being away from Home for about 16 months, I was finally able to go Home and see my family. If you read one of my first posts on this blog, you’ll know that I wasn’t able to go Home because of the UK’s home office saga, when my dad went HOME. So finally, I’m Home!! I was and am well happy to be Home. UK is just house, not home for me, at least not yet. It’s been really good to see the rest of my family and be in my father’s rent-free house . . . lol.

So I’m chilling at Home with my family and visiting and catching up with friends, Continue reading

The GODs must be crazy

Hahaha . . . Yes, me too!! I wondered whether this was the ‘correct’ way to name a post but yes, I decided to go with it as it captures as close as possible the first thoughts that popped into my mind one day as I read my Bible about GOD’s love. So let’s dive right in and I hope by the end of this post, if not before, you’ll agree with me that this title was rather fitting. Continue reading