my money and me

It has not even been a month yet of using my newly downloaded budgeting app – iSaveMoney, and I’m learning a few things about myself. To be honest, the name of the app is a prophecy for me especially as I’ve recorded all my expenses for the last 3 weeks and it seems the app should be called iSpendMoney! #justsaying. Let’s just say I have about £40 to live on till the end of the month!

Let me give you a bit of history of my relationship with money. If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you may already have your suspicions of what it is/was. Let’s see if you’re right or wrong. Continue reading

the art of being Home – Travel

As is rather common in Nigeria, more people live outside their states of origin than within. in like manner, I live in one part of Nigeria but originate, as in my family bloodline flows from a different part. In my time so far, I have used the major forms of transportation in Lagos. I have airplane’d, Uber’d, taxi’d, private car’d, hire car’d, Keke Marwa’d, bus’d, and as recent as last Sunday, okada’d! Huwaddav thought!! My sister must not hear this. I’m sure I had sworn never to take them crazy quarter-life weapons of singular destruction. The only one I’ve not entered is Molue – maybe I’ve been permanently delivered from that! Amen? Continue reading