Them Two Nails

Thank GOD for half term breaks! It means I can attend the morning prayers at church and that was my plan this past Wednesday morning at 7 am. As I drove out, I felt like I had to drag my car to move and the steering wheel was listening to “to the left, to the left“! I dismissed it. But as I went over the bumps on the roads in my area, Bumble Bee’s front bumper was brushing the bumps. Even though I was under the 20 mph speed limit. Continue reading


my hospital rant

If you’ve been a fairly regular reader of this my writing platform, aka blog, you may have now realised that I like to rant, most times out of proportion! It just makes me laugh at myself. Well, today’s post is one of such. Easy read though, easy read! Enjoy! Continue reading

my money and me

It has not even been a month yet of using my newly downloaded budgeting app – iSaveMoney, and I’m learning a few things about myself. To be honest, the name of the app is a prophecy for me especially as I’ve recorded all my expenses for the last 3 weeks and it seems the app should be called iSpendMoney! #justsaying. Let’s just say I have about £40 to live on till the end of the month!

Let me give you a bit of history of my relationship with money. If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you may already have your suspicions of what it is/was. Let’s see if you’re right or wrong. Continue reading

the art of being Home – Travel

As is rather common in Nigeria, more people live outside their states of origin than within. in like manner, I live in one part of Nigeria but originate, as in my family bloodline flows from a different part. In my time so far, I have used the major forms of transportation in Lagos. I have airplane’d, Uber’d, taxi’d, private car’d, hire car’d, Keke Marwa’d, bus’d, and as recent as last Sunday, okada’d! Huwaddav thought!! My sister must not hear this. I’m sure I had sworn never to take them crazy quarter-life weapons of singular destruction. The only one I’ve not entered is Molue – maybe I’ve been permanently delivered from that! Amen? Continue reading