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You may have noticed I have not written in almost a week now. Well, I have an excuse, sorta, I’ve had a bit of writer’s block! Now, this is not because I haven’t seen GOD in my dailies, I mean that’s the subtitle of this blog. And I have been writing in my journal quite regularly too! It’s just I haven’t been inspired to take any of those sightings broader nor forward. I asked my brother-man for ideas, he gave some funny (more like silly) ideas and finally this one I’m writing today.

I thought I’ll talk about what happened to me quite recently and how I no longer feel silly for writing things like ‘grateful for safe driving to work’ everyday in my gratitude journal.

So I had a meeting with some senior colleagues, that for the sake of how much I Continue reading


Blessed Assurance

Some of you reading this may have had a song come to mind when you read the title of this post – Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine; Oh! what a foretaste of glory divine,…. That’s a great hymn and reminds me of the overarching foundation and life to all I do is being a part with Jesus. It not only points to future glory but tells me of present victories when HE is with me and I’m with HIM.

blessed assur

Image credit: Deviant Art

In the past few months, I’ve been dealing with rather nasty anxieties and panic attacks I never thought I had prior to this season and still can’t pinpoint what exactly caused it but I had panic attacks about even the minutest of things. And honestly, it has exhausted me. I’m getting better but wholly depending on Jesus for strength for each day and every situation I face.

In light of these mind troubles, when these attacks happen, sometimes Continue reading

Laish -> Dan

Sounds weird for a post title? What in Heaven’s name is CS all about here? Don’t worry. It’ll be clear in a few lines.

So here I was studying my Bible on a recent bank holiday Monday (Not living in the UK? Bank holiday ≡ public holiday, I’ve never really found out why it is called a bank holiday. Fair enough, banks close on such day but I digress . . .), and read the book of Judges that lists the exploits of the people that judged Israel after Joshua and before Samuel. Some had interesting resumes Continue reading