Start, Middle and End

In the space of less than 10 days, I celebrated the life of a friend who’s now with Jesus and then a week later with another friend who now needs Jesus like never before . . . on the journey called marriage!

And while thinking on these things, I realised that it seems the three most common times in one’s lifetime when you’re likely to see the highest gathering of the people that matter to you, at least to a good extent, are Continue reading


Changing the Atmosphere

 changeImage credit: Dexnova

So I started this new training placement in a school in South Manchester and drove there on my first day. But walahi, Manchester people (many it seems), those that drive that is, are in a constant hurry to go somewhere. I can almost imagine it being like Lagos during rush hour if by mistake someone plants a virus in the computer controls of the traffic lights and they start behaving like some LASTMA people. I can only imagine!! As a result, I initially decided not to drive as it was causing me too much anxiety (topic for another day!). Bus and tram journey times were about the same but bus was cheaper, almost by a half, in fact probably more as I would have needed to take the bus to the tram stop closest to my house.

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That’s the background, now to the main ground . . .hehe. So here I was, I’m bus-ing back home on this weird weather Friday in April, and whilst waiting at the bus stop, Continue reading