that time we rummaged bins

“So what did Virgin [trains] say?”

“That I have to send them my tickets for them to process the refund.”

“Okay, check the [paper recycle] bin at home, it should still be there.”

Nope! I have not started looking for scraps in bins nor have I (thank You Jesus!) Continue reading


The Dress Story

“Jake, where’s my dress?”

“It should be at the back of the car. Have you checked?”

“Yes I have. I’ve emptied both the back of the car and the boot and I still can’t find it.”

“Ha! That’s not even funny oh! Let me have another look. I’m sure I saw you take it from your room downstairs just before we left. I think I even saw you put it in the car.”

“What!! You didn’t take it? Even though you were the first to step out of the house. I thought you were carrying it.”

“No oh! I was carrying the red carrier bag we were going to use for food shopping later.” Continue reading

My Daniel Fast – Food

I decided to tag along with the recent 7-day fast organised by Bethel Church. Thankfully, it was the first week of the Easter holidays so I could give it better attention than if I was working.

I knew I didn’t want to do a dry fast as I would be distracted by the hunger. My odeshi hasn’t reached that level yet. The 6-to-6 one aka eat-only-after-6pm, didn’t appeal either. Bethel had different fast suggestions, so I decided to go for the Daniel Fast, which is Continue reading

Toilet Thinking

Not every time something deep, sometimes mess about, sometimes something silly! I live a real life (just thought I’ll drop that one there briefly!) and if you’re anything like me, you may be able to relate to what follows in the next few paragraphs!

Do you ever sit on that most important white seat in your house and get some ‘inspiration’ from above or around you as you empty down below? Haha… Continue reading

Doubting Benefits

Giving the benefit of the doubt. That’s a weird phrase but it works in explaining what to do in certain situations so as to maintain my peace of mind. Doubts apparently can have some benefits. GOD is steadily delivering and recovering  me from being a pre-judger of people! One of the tools HE has equipped with me is giving people the benefit of the doubt to explain their actions so I can keep my cool hat on.

I have practised this for quite a while now that it’s almost my default response when I’m tempted to move someone over to the dark side by their (in)actions that rub me the wrong way. For example, if while driving someone overtakes or undertakes me in a dangerous manner, I’ll almost straight away think that maybe the person’s wife is in labour and they are rushing to get home. That I’ll probably do the same if I were in their shoes. (I wonder why I think those drivers are male, maybe because of the men in whose cars I’ve ridden! You know yourselves!) Continue reading


That awkward moment when you look at something but you don’t see it! Am I making sense? Can I get a witness? No? Well, stay with me and I’ll explain in a bit. I was thinking of a new post, as one was over due, (before I become a once-in-21-days blogger! Heaven forbid!!) and an earlier experience this year of looking but not seeing came to mind. It started to take on flesh as I thought about it some more. I then made a mental note to revisit it once I was sat in-front of my PC with better music playing through my B&O speakers (thanks a lot bro!)

If you’ve read one of my first posts on this blog, you might remember this one on my initial driving experiences. (GOD is helping your sister! Amen!) Let me detour a bit: Continue reading


This is a light-reading, short post. Enjoy anyway!

 numbers Image credit: Striker24x7

Different things may come to your mind when you see or hear the word ‘Numbers’. There’s a TV series called Numb3rs, a book in the Bible called Numbers, a sub-section under Mathematics in Resources on called Number, an app called Numbers, even a record label. I probably could go on to give more examples but I suppose you get the point, or at least beginning to see that everywhere you go, there are Numbers. Heck, it’s/they’re one of the first things you have to learn growing up.

So, anyway, here I am currently reading the book of Numbers (as at the time of drafting Continue reading