I remet a guy

So here I was at this training event and met up with a dear friend from Loughborough which was lovely. I soon learnt a guy I might know from same base was also at this event. I recognised the name but wasn’t sure as my friend didn’t have as much of him as I had. Anyway, my suspect was confirmed that morning and I did in fact know him from before. Continue reading


My other half (not)

“Aww you two make a lovely couple!”

“I love the way you and your husband dance in church, moving in the same direction.”

“You look a lot like your husband.”

“Is this your other half?”

“How long have you two been married?” Continue reading

The Dress Story

“Jake, where’s my dress?”

“It should be at the back of the car. Have you checked?”

“Yes I have. I’ve emptied both the back of the car and the boot and I still can’t find it.”

“Ha! That’s not even funny oh! Let me have another look. I’m sure I saw you take it from your room downstairs just before we left. I think I even saw you put it in the car.”

“What!! You didn’t take it? Even though you were the first to step out of the house. I thought you were carrying it.”

“No oh! I was carrying the red carrier bag we were going to use for food shopping later.” Continue reading

Look and Live

Remember how I started the last post that had a slight detour that turned into a major detour that needed more space than a few paragraphs that led to the original post being postponed to a later date? No? You don’t remember? Oya, go and read about it here. Then come back and continue with this one.

So I was talking about how I hadn’t written in a long time and needed to do so quickly to avoid being a 1-in-21-days writer and remembered an incident that happened in my early days of driving. Anyone ever had those awkward moments when you looked at something but did not see it? Continue reading

Frank and Zen

Pre P.S.: Recommended music: Raised to Life by Elevation Worship

Only GOD knows what you thought I was going to be talking about in this post given its title . . . lol.

Recently, I acquired a ‘new’ freezer. Now this freezer, let’s call it Zen, was new to my house, not new to being used . . . lol. In other words, I bought it second-hand, thanks to Gumtree. And thanks to proximity, I was also able to get it from the ‘shop’ to my house in Bumble-Bee. My brother was away so I had to lift it from Bumble-Bee’s boot to its final destination under the counter. Continue reading

Relational Abuse

A few months ago, I learnt on social media that a lady, the wife of a husband and a mother of kids, had died due to physical abuse from the man that was supposed to love her like Christ loved the church and give himself for her (Ephesians 5:25-28), who instead made her give her life for herself. I shared a post on Facebook a few weeks after the event briefly describing what I believe is a Biblical answer to those suffering abuse – physical, emotional or verbal, from their spouse and whose lives are in danger.

 bible answers Image credit: Fanpop

This post is a fuller version of what I shared on Facebook. Now, I strongly believe that the Bible, GOD’s Word, has the answer to EVERY situation you and I might find ourselves in this life. It may not be there in black and white, explicitly applicable to your situation, but looking with the heart of Christ, with a mind to really know what GOD says about the situation, opens your eyes to see the other colours HE has written your answers in.

My parallel to the case of abuse is that of the relationship between David and king Saul. To get the full story, Continue reading