draMATHic One

Another glimpse into the inner workings of my brain.

Teacher: Today, we’re going to learn about formulas relating to circles. Anyone have an example of circles?
*Silence follows . . .

Annabelle: Sir, I have a good example of a circle.
Mr T: Thanks Anna. Please share.
Anna: Pies!
Class erupts in laughter, with snide comments on how Annabelle only thinks about what’s in her belly, with a few kids rubbing their bellies in mockery.

Mr T: Everyone be quiet! You all had a chance to contribute but either didn’t want to or maybe even couldn’t come up with any examples!

*Turning to face Anna,
Mr T: Thank you for your example, Anna. Now, has anyone heard about any formulas for circles?
Alex the clueless: Yes sir! Pies are squared.

*Class again erupts in mockery. Alex turns away red-faced, shy and embarrassed.
Benny the bully speaks up: Pies aren’t squared, you idiot! Let me show you what I had for dinner last night.

*Proceeds to get his phone out, scrolls through pictures and finally shows the class starting with Alex, his round pie.
Mr T: Thanks Benny. But do not call people names. You owe Alex an apology.
Benny mutters: Sorry Alex.
Alex: It’s okay. It’s just something I heard from Steven, my brother in year 11 as he was revising for his maths mock exams at home yesterday evening.
Mr T, sounding excited: Alex, I think you might be on to something interesting here!
Mr T produces a large picture of a pie and sticks it on the board.
Mr T: we can calculate how much area this circle occu-pies using the formula: pie r squared.

*Writes it down on the board – Area = πr²*

Mr T: See…it sounds like ‘pies are squared‘ so that’s something you can use to remember the formula for the area of a circle.
Thank you Alex.

Alex, now smiling and with his head up, boldly replies: You’re welcome sir!

P.S.: Apologies for the extra-long hiatus. Hopefully back with more consistency!


21 things I learnt living with a bachelor

Almost two months since my last post! Guys, this is not good. Not for me. Not for you, my dear readers. I can’t keep apologising if I don’t do something about it. Maybe I should bring myself under some sort of contract to blog with some regularity or else . . . (suggestions welcome!)

Anyway, this post has been stewing in the back of my mind for a while. Not that I like food that much! I’ve even mentioned it to him and we had a laugh about it. So here we go, here are the 21 things Continue reading

Planting Disappointment

Listening to a recent message by Kris Vallotton gave me a second option of what to do with disappointment or things that defer my hope.

I’ve been praying and I’d like to think also believing God for a specific breakthrough in my life. And I have worked rather hard to make sure my confessions align with my prayers, that I let only trusted people speak onto this area of my life. I’ve been very militant about it to the point of ruffling some feathers in my family. But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do! Continue reading

Reckless Love for the 1

Over the past 2 years or so, I have come to love the music that comes from Bethel and one of the most recent songs from Bethel Music is ‘Reckless Love‘ by Cory Asbury. (He’s probably the same guy backing up in ‘Worthy of it all‘ by David Brymer at the OneThing 2011).

Back to Reckless Love. This song gets me! This song says words my thoughts Continue reading

Them Two Nails

Thank GOD for half term breaks! It means I can attend the morning prayers at church and that was my plan this past Wednesday morning at 7 am. As I drove out, I felt like I had to drag my car to move and the steering wheel was listening to “to the left, to the left“! I dismissed it. But as I went over the bumps on the roads in my area, Bumble Bee’s front bumper was brushing the bumps. Even though I was under the 20 mph speed limit. Continue reading

Her First Independent Steps

Recently, I had the privilege of watching a friend’s daughter take her first steps in growing to become an independent young lady. Said daughter is about 8/9 years old and of course has been and still is under the protective wings of eagle-eyed dad!

We had just come out from church and on our way to the car park, when dad remembered he had planned to buy his kids some McDonalds. We were now standing at the corner of McKee Dees and he had already sent off the older one on his very own to the local sports shop. Time for some independence day event, season 1, episode 1, for the younger daughter. Continue reading